CAS No. 1071-83-6
Molecular Formula: C3H8NO5P
Activity: Herbicidea
Ingredient: 95% TC
Formulation:  480g/L IPA salt, 75.7% WDG/WSG

Mode of action:
Over 150 crops for control of annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees.
Use post-directed in tree and plantation crops, post-emergence over soybeans, and postharvest in fallow periods and non-cropland.
Control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds, pre-harvest, post-planting/pre-emergence and in stubble, in cereals, peas, beans, oilseed rape, flax and mustard, at c. 1.5-2 kg/ha; as a directed spray in vines and olives, at c.4.3 kg/ha; in orchards, pasture, forestry and industrial weed control, at c. 4.3 kg/ha. As an aquatic herbicide, at c. 2 kg/ha.

Regular Mixture:
Dicamba+Glyphosate ammonium

Glyphosate 41% SL = Glyphosate 480g/L IPA salt = Glyphosate 360g/L Acid
Glyphosate 450g/L IPA = Glyphosate 450g/L IPA salt 
Glyphosate  607g/L IPA = Glyphosate  51% w/w IPA salt= Glyphosate 450g/L Acid