Terrastek Limited, as an agriculture company, is engaged in the study, development and spread of new technology, management solution and quality products. 

Based on our experienced experts and staffs, we provide the service of,                            
(1)  Agriculture management solution                   
(2)  Horticulture management solution
(3)  Pest control solution for Public health  

We formulate and export various agrochemicals and relaive agricultural products to over 30 countries, covering the fields of:                              
(1)  Agrochemicals:  Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulators and Rodenticides.      
(2)  Fertilizers:  EDDHA-Fe, NPK-Te, Amino acid + Te, Humate Potassium
(3)  Seeds
(4)  Advanced agriculture machinery and sprayers.

We have set up smooth communication channel with different agricultural universities and institutes. We get hold of the updated information of advanced technology, and actively promote it to different markets, to benefit all of our users and partners.

We warmly welcome the practitioners and friends from different part of the world.