Our standardized factory is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, covering an area of 50 acres. There are over 200  technician and working staffs  
3 production lines of for liquid and powder are equipped, which can process various formulations of WP, SP, WDG, WSG, SL, EC, FS, SC, and etc.

Powder/Granule Production Line

Liquid Production Line

We have established a strict quality inspection system. The laboratory has HPLC, UV, UPLC, TT and other testing instruments to test the composition of each batch of products and establish a complete file, such as TDS, MSDS, EDMF, COA.  This strongly guarantee the export of high quality. 
By our specialized technical team, we also help our partners on complete registration process in respective countries, with a number of over 100 products and batches in other countries. 
export of products, at the same time, It also helps our partners complete registration services for over 100 products and batches overseas.